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Learn from Superman and Lois Lane to build an influencer marketing strategy


Hajrija Dergic, Senior Lecturer in Marketing blogs about how we can learn from Superman and Lois Lane in building an influencer marketing strategy.

To be an influencer 'is anyone who has an effect on people or things', the new hit series of "Superman and Lois" has seen the double act of Superman and Lois Lane channelling their powers as influencers, and making a mark for others to follow. With both their positions as Superhero and award winning journalist, they have built their own brands to warrant attention and interest.

With 9 out of 10 businesses now using influencers to promote their brands, the appeal to quickly build a quality following on social media, attracting different segments of the market, and in turn boosting engagement is possible, and extremely tempting for businesses. So how can you use Superman and Lois Lane as a guide? Let's talk marketing strategy:

1. Set your KPIs and goals

Whether it's about saving the world, battling competition or selling news stories you need to understand what the role of the influencer is to your brand and marketing campaign, what is it that you want to achieve? Is it brand awareness, a new target audience, new leads or sales?

2. Relate to your audience

As timeless influencers the characters of Superman and Lois have garnered relatability to their followers through their roles as partners, parents, and professionals. You should connect to influencers that relate to your brand, whether it be micro influencers or macro influencers, sites such as Awario, and Upfluence can help. Done well, influencer marketing can bring brand growth but at a cost, it is important to ensure that the influencer genuinely understands what you do and why you are different to other brands or products.

3. Identify the appropriate influencers

You can search through hashtags on social media to influencers that are making #sponsored adverts to see if they resonate with you. If we look at the TikTok hashtag #superman it has amassed over 8 billion views from influencers around the world - the tool InfluenceGrid can help you find TikTok influencers for your own brand. You could also look at your own followers and search through their following to see whether you could collaborate. Use resources such as Influencer Marketing Hub to search for marketing experts, influencer ranking, and a portfolio of tools to support you.

4. Communicate openly and clearly

Influencers understand their own audience better than any brand, they can best position the brand they're working with and communicate the attributes their audience wants to hear. It is so important that you understand your influencer, but they also understand you too. There are a vast amount of opportunities to be gained with influencers to grow your following, enhance your brand equity and boost sales.

So as Clark Kent says: “It’s not just what you do, but it’s also what you don’t do", consider building influencers into your marketing strategy and reap the value they bring.

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