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Calling all bookworms - take part in the largest survey of contemporary fiction


Readers are being asked to give their opinion of novels published in the last six years - including novels that they have not even read yet.

From the survey, a research team at the University of Wolverhampton aim to learn more about how people form opinions about books. Their research will help us rethink what kinds of writing we value most as a society; to understand why readers think some books are good while dislike others.

Review as many books as you like; each one will take just a couple of minutes to rate. 

As a bonus you’ll receive some tips about getting more out of your books.

The survey is part of an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded research project called Novel Perceptions.

Take the ‘2020 Reader Review’ survey.

You can also take part in the Xmas Book Challenge on Twitter. Choose a contemporary novel you would recommend to your loved ones and nominate three others to pass it along.

And if you find you have spare time over the Christmas period, and you want to share more of your thoughts on books, there’s a series of further surveys available to take part in.

A survey on ‘Family and Friendship’ invites you to think about a selection of ten novels, chosen by a BBC panel, about family and friendship which shaped their world. As a thank you for taking part, you’ll receive a personalised recommendation for books that you should enjoy.

In the Novel Memories survey, you are asked to remember well-loved novels that changed your world and you’d recommend to your teenage self. This survey aims to help researchers explore how we remember fiction. It’s a ten minute survey and will again provide you with recommendations for novels to read next.

And if you’ve recently reread a book, there’s another survey you can take part in! Novel Memories – part two: Fiction Revisited.


For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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