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Love is in the air? Or is it just the chemicals in the chocolate…?

Posted by: Professor Nazira Karodia, Interim Head, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us again. It is no coincidence that we are at the beginning of the new Spring; the sap flows, the leaf buds are ready to burst forth and the first flowers of new season are with us.

Food banks

Posted by: Dr Steve Iafrati

One of the prevalent aspects of post-recession Britain has been the rise in significance of food banks both in signalling a growing role for the voluntary sector in providing welfare, but also as a stark measure of the persistence of poverty in many neighbourhoods across the country

University patents affordable alternative drug in the fight against cancer

Posted by: Professor Weiguang Wang

The need for drugs for cancer treatment is urgent but development of a new drug takes an average of 15 years and costs billions.

“What the *@^*?” - a short history of swearing

Posted by: David J. Cox, Reader in Criminal Justice History

A new book entitled Public Indecency in England 1857-1960, co-authored by David J. Cox, Reader in Criminal Justice History, University of Wolverhampton, has been published by Routledge

Serving up a psychological edge – Why sports psychology can make a difference?

Posted by: Andy Lane Professor of Sports Psychology, Tracey Devonport Reader in Sport & Exercise Psychology

Three British players in a Grand Slam tennis semi-final. The Murray brothers and Johanna Konta

The Great War, demobilisation and ‘civvy clothes’

Posted by: by Laura Ugolini, Professor of History

An old army song had First World War soldiers looking forward to the end of the conflict: