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Bridging the BME gap

Posted by: Dr Debra Cureton

Dr Debra Cureton, Research Development Manager, discusses how the University of Wolverhampton is working to reduce the differing degree outcomes between ethnicity groups.

UK needs more investment in brain tumour research

Posted by: Professor John Darling

Brain tumours are a leading cause of death in young children and an increasing cause of neurological morbidity and mortality in adults.

China has lessons to learn from the UK when it comes to entrepreneurship education

At the invitation of the China-Britain Business Council, I recently presented to a high-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education forum in Tianjin, one of China’s four provincial-level municipalities. My topic was ‘Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Education in the UK’.

Sport – so what?

Posted by: Dr Richard Medcalf - Principal Lecturer in Sport

Sport – so what?

Leicester City, The Premier League and the Steel Crisis

Posted by: Mike Haynes - Professor of International Political Economy

Leicester City, The Premier League and the Steel Crisis

The National Living Wage

Posted by: Professor Roger Seifert

What has changed?