Res gestae – the prosecutor’s backdoor

Posted by: Richard Glover :Senior Lecturer in Law and author of Murphy on Evidence

One of the principal dangers of admitting hearsay evidence in court is that a witness’s veracity cannot be tested by cross-examination...

The Corbyn Factor

Posted by: Roger Seifert, Professor of Industrial Relations

I attended the TUC conference in Brighton last week. The highlight was a speech by Jeremy Corbyn...

Northern Ireland’s troubles

Posted by: Dr Eamonn O’Kane is Reader in Conflict Studies at the University of Wolverhampton.

The old gag about something being ‘déjà vu, all over again’, seems particularly apt in relation to the current problems in Northern Ireland...

The Battle of Britain 75 Years On

Posted by: Dr Peter Preston-Hough

15th September 2015 marks 75 years since what is now known as the Battle of Britain day took place over the summer skies of Britain...

The Great Fall of China and the West Midlands

Posted by: Mike Haynes, Professor of International Political Economy

The crash of the Chinese stock market is sending shock waves around the world. In the murky world of global finance nobody really knows who is owed what until it is too late.

The principle of solidarity can prevent the death of migrants

Posted by: Dr Matilde Ventrella, Senior Lecturer in law, University of Wolverhampton.

The death toll of migrants at sea has increased over the summer. The dramatic situation is mainly caused by the conflicts in Syria, and the unstable situations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Eritrea.