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Obesity and the election

Posted by: Jane DeVille-Almond: Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing University of Wolverhampton

Did you know there’s an election looming? Yes, I’m sure you did and I guess you all have your own pressing concerns that you are hoping will appear in the manifesto of your favourite party.

The Election and the NHS: promises, promises

Posted by: Jim Bethel: Senior Lecturer in Emergency Care

The NHS would seem, temporarily at least, to be like the Queen and Alan Bennett- beyond reproach, almost untouchable.

Poverty and Wolverhampton: Why the general election should herald a new approach

Posted by: Dr Steve Iafrati: Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, Social Policy‌

Despite all the media coverage about a potential EU referendum, leaders’ debates, and even a recent newspaper exclusive about Nigel Farage’s coat, the main issue of the forthcoming election and the one that genuinely affects us most should be what can be done about poverty...

Famous for 15 minutes. Almost.

Posted by: Mike Haynes, Professor of International Political Economy

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". I almost was. But the balloon burst. I blame the BBC economics correspondent Robert Peston, and Radio Four's the Today Programme. They offered hope and then took it away.