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How the stress of playing chess can be fatal

Posted by: Professor Andy Lane

The death of a chess player in the middle of a match at the world’s most prestigious competition may have shocked those who view the game as a relaxing pastime. Kurt Meier, 67, collapsed during his final match in the tournament and died in hospital later that day. But chess, like any other game or sport, can lead to an immense amount of stress, which can be bad for a competitor’s physical health too.

Behind the Laughter

Posted by: Paul McDonald

There is much research linking creativity and madness - we all know about Van Gogh and Sylvia Plath – but mental illness blights the lives of comedians too; indeed, the image of the sad clown is one of the oldest clichés in the book. It is epitomised by the tale Groucho Marx tells of a patient who goes to see his psychiatrist with depression: the psychiatrist advises him to go to the circus and cheer himself up by watching the world famous clown, Grock. The patient replies, ‘I AM Grock.’

‘A’ Level Results Day 2014

Posted by: Ian Hart, Head of Access and Outreach

This Thursday (August 14th) many students will receive their ‘A’ level results and the University of Wolverhampton wishes them all the very best.