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Should we let students evaluate teachers’ lessons?

Posted by: Dr Mike Lambert & Dr Matt O'Leary

How about this, then? Richard Cairns, Head of Brighton College, wants it made compulsory for school pupils to assess the performance of teachers ( Mr Cairns is certainly sincere - he claims to use this system in his own school already.

The benefits of music

Posted by: Professor Andrew Lane, Professor of Sports and Exercise Psychology

A recent study has shown that listening to music can help to alleviate physical pain. Four out of ten people who suffered persistent pain said listening to music helped relieve their symptoms, a figure which rose to 66% for young people aged between 16-24.

The heartbreaking case of families with disabled children

Posted by: Dr Mahmoud Emira, Centre for Developmental and Applied Research in Education (CeDARE)

A recent Contact a Family survey of more than 400 families with disabled children provided disturbing results which highlights the lack of support inside schools.

Rough Sleeping Children

Posted by: Professor Kate Moss, Professor of Criminal Justice

The number of rough sleeping children across Europe is on the rise. These are young people who have mostly run away either from home or from sheltered accommodation. They may also include minors who have made border crossings in search of a better life and improved opportunities or for any number of other reasons.