Formal testing of children at nursery

Posted by: Dr Judy Whitmarsh - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Childhood Research.

The ‘best’ nurseries use a variety of different approaches to support the children in their care, not just testing or assessing.

The enduring legacy of Bruce Lee

Posted by: Pritpal Sembi, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

I was way too young to watch Enter the Dragon (1973) when it was first available on video. but that didn’t matter because I watched it at my Uncle’s house (on his old ‘piano keys’ video recorder) and it was deemed infinitely more suitable than the ‘video nasties’ prevalent around that time.

“Stop Right Now, Thank You Very Much”

Posted by: Sarah Browne, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for Musical Theatre

The cast were joined on stage by two former Spice Girls who were “devastated” and “gutted” that the show announced its closure after a brief six month run in the West End. Producer Judy Craymer (famous for hit musical Mamma Mia) and writer Jennifer Saunders admitted that despite standing ovations from wonderful audiences, they just “couldn’t make it work”. They stand resolute in their assertion that the “legacy of the Spice Girls will never fade.”

Sir Liam Donaldson & public health

Posted by: Ranjit Khutan, Principal Lecturer and Head of Public Health & Wellbeing

Students and academic staff enjoyed hearing Sir Liam Donaldson, the former Chief Medical Adviser in the UK, share his thoughts on how public health issues can be addressed during his talk in Wolverhampton on Friday 28 June.


Posted by: Andrew Lane, Professor of Sports and Exercise Psychology

Wimbledon time, and up go the hopes that the 77-year wait for a British male champion will end this Sunday.