Court on Camera

Posted by: Richard Glover, senior lecturer in Law

The principle of open justice, in one form or another, has rarely been out of the news recently. Although the first few televised Court of Appeal cases have been aired, the introduction of legislation to permit the filming and broadcasting of court proceedings has been the subject of much debate.

Can we fix it? Corruption in football.

Posted by: Professor Graham Brooks, senior lecturer in Law

The recent case of match fixing in football is nothing new. There have been a number of cases throughout the years in British football but few to mention. The problem is really spot fixing. This is a problem for all sport not only football. We blame wayward individuals and/or ‘foreign’ organised criminal elements or the gambling industry.

Access to education: helping disabled students learn

Posted by: Dr Stephanie Brewster, Senior lecturer, Special Needs and Inclusion Studies

Earlier this month saw the publication of University Challenge 2013, a report into access to higher education for disabled students, commissioned by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Human Rights and the empowerment of women who sleep rough in the EU

Posted by: Professor Kate Moss, Professor of Criminal Justice

Human rights and the empowerment of women who sleep rough in the EU. The cure for poverty has a name in fact, it is called the empowerment of women– Christopher Hitchens.

Farewell Madiba: On the death of Nelson Mandela

Posted by: Candi Miller, senior lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing.

It may seem strange, but I, like most South Africans who grew up under the Apartheid regime, only became aware of Nelson Mandela’s signifcance once I’d left the country. I was too young to follow the Rivonia Treason trial and by the time I was reading newspapers, all mention of him and the ANC was banned from the South African press. In those pre-internet, pre-budget travel days, South Africans had little exposure to international pressure groups such as the Free Nelson Mandela movement.

50 Years of Doctor Who

Posted by: Dorothy Hobson, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Contemporary Media

It would have been hard not to know that Doctor Who BBC1’s sci-fi drama series was 50 years old last weekend.