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The perfect environment for creative businesses to flourish

A portrait of the Creative Industries Centre signage at the Science Park

March 2024 marked the 20th Anniversary of the opening of the Creative Industries Centre at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park. It's been two decades since the official opening and much has changed in the Creative Sector since then.

The University of Wolverhampton Science Park was established as a 
collaborative effort between the University of Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton City Council. Their shared vision was to cultivate a central hub for high-tech businesses and provide essential support to startups through the provision of an incubator space.

In recognising the potential significance of the then emerging creative industry sector in the UK, and acknowledging the valuable employment and innovation opportunities that could be generated, the third phase of the Science Park, the Creative Industries Centre, was developed and officially opened in March 
2004, providing facilities to accelerate job creation, new product/service development and skills development by encouraging growth and opportunity in our region.

The creative industries are a diverse sector with a current-day definition including nine sub-sectors that not only nurtures the shared cultures that enrich our lives but also play a vital role in designing and shaping our cities and influencing the digital technologies that have, and continue to, revolutionise the World. Tenants at 
Creative Industries Centre at University of Wolverhampton Science Park have tended to concentrate on:

• Advertising and marketing
• Architecture
• Film, TV, video, radio and photography
• IT, software and computer services 
• Music, performing and visual arts

Many of the companies that chose to establish their businesses at CIC over 
the years have thrived, with several having expanded their operations within the Science Park and others outgrowing the space available and re-locating within the region.

One of our longest-standing tenants in CIC, TASC Software, is a team of innovative software developers working with educators and safeguarding leads delivering data management of pupil information, the team is constantly evolving creative application methods to reflect the ever-changing needs of its client base.

Computors Ltd, now in its 20th year, employs a dedicated team of IT professionals who specialise in the IT installation, support & maintenance of a wide variety of IT systems.

Thorne Architecture Limited was founded in 2004 and has since built up a considerable track record in a variety of projects and offers a full architectural service from inception to completion on-site, the company is a RIBA Registered practice - the UK's leading professional body for architecture.

ESP Ltd which joined CIC in 2005 is an environmental consultancy working in partnerships to create effective business management systems and design sustainable landscapes.

PPC Surveyors, which recently celebrated 10 years at CIC, is an experienced team of chartered building surveyors dedicated to providing a professional and client-focused surveying service, whether for a home buyer, a landlord, or a commercial property owner, the company is RICS-approved, a globally recognised 
professional body dedicated to effecting positive change in the built and natural environments.

Approaching its fifth year at the Science Park, ePAC Holdings, a forward-thinking company specialising in creative digital printing for flexible packaging, believes that the advancement of digital technology will outpace the traditional service and manufacturing structures that have previously dominated the flexible 
packaging industry. Its products provide affordable and sustainable packaging solutions, in creatively customised options to support the growth of businesses through enhanced branding opportunities.

These tenants are some examples of Science Park tenants that have creativity at their core – but the Science Park's ethos extends beyond creative innovation; a pivotal aspect is business incubation and support. For new start businesses, this is provided by the SPARK business incubation centre based within CIC, which offers 
tailored business support programmes to its tenants. These programmes cater to individuals who may possess highly innovative ideas but lack knowledge in fundamental areas such as finance, investment, or marketing. SPARK provides a variety of office space at very attractive rates and offers its tenants a chance to 
expand within the Science Park and continue to take advantage of the many benefits of tenancy as their business expands.

The Government’s recently published ‘Creative Industries Sector Vision’ - a joint plan to drive growth, build talent and develop skills for the creative industries to become an even greater growth engine, is a significant step toward the Government and industry working together to unlock the growth potential of the creative 
industries is a concept the Science Park endorses.

The pandemic accelerated changing consumer and work-based habits with more content accessed online, using well-known and disruptor platforms, to significantly and creatively influence home and work lives in a short period.

Nigel Babb, Commercial Director at University of Wolverhampton Science Park said: “New technologies, and the important Research and Development, their creation and protection, will be the key to future growth in the economy, and in particular, the creative industries sector. Building immersive worlds and developing virtual production and assistance using artificial intelligence (AI) are current hot-topics – who knows what the next 10 years will bring as we consider the impact of zero latency internet, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, biotechnology developments, climate change mitigation technologies and the cyber 
security required to protect them. All of which will require the creative industries at the heart of their development, production, promotion and adoption.

“We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for creatives in the UK and are keen to partner with colleagues to access the exceptional academic base of the University of Wolverhampton, tenants at the Science Park and stakeholders across the broader sector to shape a great future for this varied and exciting 

Please visit, contact us at 01902 824 100 or email to find out more information about the Science Park or enquire about available workspace.

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