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Education leader gets airtime on BBC's The One Show


This year marks 25 years since The Pearson National Teaching Awards was established by Lord David Puttnam.

Those of you who watched the BBC One Show on Monday 20 November may have spotted Professor Diana Bannister MBE, Director of the School of Education at the University of Wolverhampton.

Diana won the first award for the Most Creative Use of ICT in a Primary School back in 1999 with a focus on using innovative technologies in the classroom for teaching and learning.

Prof. Diana Bannister said: "It was an absolute delight to be reunited with some of the other winners as part of the 25th year celebrations.  The Teaching Awards celebrate and value the incredible work of teachers across the education profession and it is wonderful to see how the work of the Trust has evolved over the years.” 

Professor Bannister also had the honour of being invited to attend an event at 10 Downing Street to celebrate 25 years of The Teaching Awards Trust. 

Education leader Diana Bannister outside Number 10 Downing Street front door

She said: "25 years on, teaching today makes use of technologies that had not even been invented then; access to technology has enabled access to content, collaborative problem solving across physical boundaries and creative productivity with outputs. Communication to a global audience has become instant and this immediacy makes everything seem a little bit faster, and the rollercoaster that is innovation doesn’t stop.

"However, the demands of the profession remain; teachers need professional development; students and staff need an inclusive learning environment; ultimately, we all strive to ensure the best experiences and outcomes possible. Taking time to share practice, showcase new ways of working and explore ways to overcome challenges is critical. It is the continued learning both from and with each other that is fundamental to development. It is a reminder that 25 years from now will look very different, but those who are part of the teaching workforce can be part of the changes and influence the vision for education.

"Stepping inside number 10 was grand, the picture gallery was magnificent, William Shakespeare guiding the way. (I quietly pinched myself, wondering if I could borrow Rishi’s hairdryer as the rain outside poured down.)

"It was though a real moment to reflect on how education has evolved over the past 25 years. Having the opportunity to stand at the big front door and spend an evening with teaching awards winners and educational leaders was simply beautiful. Across the profession, it is not about the winning of awards, it is about valuing and celebrating the profession.

"It was a pleasure to spend time with Caroline Evans (former CEO), Dan Buckley, Emma Darcy and incredibly special to see Flo Witcombe, Paddy Beels and David Waugh who also won back in 1999. (We haven't aged a bit...)

Thank you Lord David Puttnam for having that brilliant idea all those years ago and making it happen – igniting change in education really is like the chariots of fire. Here’s to the next 25 years!"

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