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University fitness experts boost wellbeing across the Black Country


Two fitness instructors at the University of Wolverhampton have been delivering online sessions to support people across the Black Country on the road to recovery.

The Recovery College for the Black Country provides an educational learning environment for people who have an interest in, or personal difficulties with, mental health.

The Recovery College works with a range of health professionals and volunteers to deliver courses to improve the mental health and well-being of people across the region.

WLV Sport fitness instructors, Reece Blake and Junior Crossley, at the University of Wolverhampton have been delivering online sessions to students at the Recovery College to highlight the importance of physical activity and improve mental health and wellbeing.

The fitness instructors’ sessions included a six-week ‘learn to lift’ programme, online exercise classes, and expert advice to educate, motivate and encourage physical activity.

Reece said: “The learn to lift programme has been an amazing experience for everyone involved. We were able to implement our expertise from sports science, strength and conditioning and design a workout programme.

“This programme had huge influence on the wellbeing of all participants and the feedback has been really positive. I was extremely impressed with the effort levels and enthusiasm of everyone involved and I look forward to progress further with the project.”

Junior said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to take my academic knowledge learned at the University of Wolverhampton and demonstrate it in a practical setting.

“Exercise not only improves physical health but also has great psychological benefits from the endorphins and serotonin released during exercise. From a social perspective, it allowed a group of strangers to come together, bond and create a memorable experience for the entire six weeks.

“I look forward to the next chapter and look exploring more opportunities with WLV Sport and the wider university as well as our external partners who may benefit from our support.”

Kiran Zulffkar, Lead Facilitator at The Recovery College for the Black Country said: "Learn to Lift was a great opportunity for students to get active and learn exercises for strengthening muscle from home.

“The classes provided a safe, motivating environment for student learning, breaking down barriers which often limit individuals suffering from personal challenges in mental health from attending a gym, such as anxiety, inexperience and uncertainty.

“It was a pleasure to host instructors Junior and Reece and their infectious enthusiasm, they left students and staff alike feeling invigorated, accomplished and most importantly – with smiles all around!

“I would like to say a huge thank you to the whole team at WLV Sport in delivering a fantastic course for the Recovery College.”

To find out more about The Recovery College for the Black Country, click here.

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