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Professor showcases research at global UNESCO conference


A professor at the University of Wolverhampton and UNESCO Chair attended a celebratory event with the world’s top researchers.

John Traxler, the University’s UNESCO Chair in Innovative Informal Digital Learning in Disadvantaged and Development Contexts attended the global anniversary event for the UNESCO Chairs programme, which brings together eight hundred of the world’s most eminent researchers.

The 30th-anniversary conference celebrated the accomplishments over the last three decades and advance authentic interdisciplinary dialogues and the cross-sectoral mobilization needed to confront complex challenges on the horizon.

One of the themes of the conference focused on ‘decolonisation’ and which coincided with John’s work commissioned by UNESCO on decolonising educational technology.

As part of the prestigious event, John hosted a session on the future of higher education highlighting his current project in collaboration with Dr Marguerite Koole from the University of Saskatchewan about building a global network of marginal and endangered communities to explore the development of research tools and techniques that are not European origin.

John Traxler, Professor of Digital Learning at the University of Wolverhampton said:  “It was an honour to be part of this prestigious event. The conference was an extremely valuable opportunity to meet other Chairs from the UK and worldwide to develop ideas, collaborations and proposals.

“It was also very useful to hear from the British ambassador about government plans to reinvigorate the UK UNESCO Chairs network as part of evolving foreign policy.

“I look forward to continuing to showcase my work and meeting more fascinating people contributing to the world of research.”

John has also been invited to present on ‘decolonising educational technology’ next month at the UNESCO International Forum on artificial intelligence and education 2022 well as events at the University of St Andrews, The Open University, The College of Law, The Bloomsbury Colleges and Trinity College Dublin.

Professor Traxler is keen to hear from prospective research students interested in the Chair’s themes and values. To contact Professor Traxler, please email


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