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Time Crystals - shades of impossible

  • When? 27 February 2020 , 18:30
  • Where? University of Wolverhampton in Stafford, Staffordshire Pl, Stafford, UK

Although they do not allow time travel, time crystals are still incredible. For more than a century, we know from Einstein's theory of Special Relativity that space and time are inseparable and that, in fact, we live in space time.

But how far can this interrelation go into both our macro world and the micro world? One of the border lines separating space from time is the existence of crystals, that is, states of matter which are perfectly self-ordered in space. What would be their potential space time or time counterparts? For one thing, they would have to evolve periodically without friction. Quantum physics gives us many examples of friction-less motion such as superconductivity and super fluidity, but can this be periodically self-ordered? These basic questions are being tackled by physicists for almost a decade now. In this lecture Dr Anton Nalitov from the University of Wolverhampton will overview the progress in this emerging field, connecting the dots in the physics of the impossible.