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IoP Series Lecture: The Tiniest Possible Sound

  • When? 02 October 2019 , 19:00-21:00
  • Where? City Campus - University of Wolverhampton

Our guest speaker is Dr. Carlos Sánchez Muñoz; an academic from the University of Oxford.

Vibrations permeate and impact our existence at all possible levels, from the gentle sound of a morning bird to the dramatic consequences of an earthquake. Our sensorial perception of vibrations, sound, has shaped our relationship with Nature and within ourselves, propelling our evolution through the ability to speak and ultimately leading to one of the oldest and most sophisticated forms of artistic expression: Music. Now, after two million years of human history, our ability to perceive vibrations has finally escaped from the tight confines of our senses. Recent technological progress is bringing us closer to the perception of the tiniest possible form of vibration— the phonon—living in the realm of quantum mechanics. In this lecture, Dr. Sánchez Muñoz will present the current scientific efforts toward the realization of quantum sound, and discuss the consequences that this will have in our everyday life and, ultimately, in understanding our place in the universe.

Refreshments are available from 7.00pm

Lecture will start at 7.30pm

We will finish by 9.00pm


This is a free event - all are welcome - please book your free place.