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For the love of music

  • When? 13 December 2019 , 18:30
  • Where? Stafford, UK

Music resonates with the deepest roots of our human nature. It has the power to change our moods, bring us peace in those hard moments and help us connect with others and their creativity. Understanding what defines music is to explain how the sounds we hear must be structured in order to feel "good" and what makes us, as people, able to enjoy them. This involves mathematical patterns, their realisation through various physical media and their eventual combination in a way that brings meaning or sense. For this reason it is a question ideally put to a Physicist, whose multi-disciplinary explorations can add a new dimension to the appreciation of music for everybody with an interest in either Science and/or Art. In this Christmas lecture, Dr del Valle will unravel the Physics and Maths that explain what makes Music, in a festive presentation that will be using several instruments and some talents from the audience!