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Open Access blog: RIOT Science Club weekly seminars

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Evidence in recent years indicates that science and research more broadly is undergoing a credibility crisis, wherein findings from a broad range of disciplines are difficult to reproduce or even verify. The cause of this crisis is in large part due to inappropriate incentives and the lack of high-quality skills training. At the University of Wolverhampton, Drs Ian Lahart and Samuel Westwood, are seeking to deal with these primary causes through two initiatives, an open research working group and the RIOT Science Club.

The open research working group will be composed of action-oriented senior academics and experienced research staff that seek to reward transparent and reproducible research practices by changing policies and procedures. 

 The RIOT Science Club is a weekly seminar series that raises awareness and provides training in Reproducible, Interpretable, Open, and Transparent research practices.

Samuel Westwood created The RIOTS Club at King’s College London in 2018. Thanks to a wonderful team of early career researchers, it is now franchised to the University of Exeter, Erasmus Medical Centre, and Imperial College London. Presenters include junior and senior academics, while presentations cover a broad range of topics on the theme of open research. Attendees need only an internet connection to join, with no need to register.

To learn more, visit our website or  YouTube RIOT Science Club channel



Article Author: Samuel Westwood, PhD

ORCID 0000-0002-0107-6651

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