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Library Service During Lockdown


The buildings have closed, but the library has not! 

We know you’ve probably got lots on your mind at the moment, so don’t worry about the library. Here are some of the changes that we have made to make things easier whilst studying off-campus.

Continuous renewals with no recalls and no fines

Your books will continue to renew automatically, and therefore, you will not be charged overdue fines.

No reservations available

In order to facilitate continuous renewals, and because we are unable to access physical stock, reservations have currently been disabled and will be available once we open again.

Additional Electronic Resources

Because you can’t currently access our printed books, we have added temporary access to over 420,000 electronic books and over 3000 electronic journals, so that you can still access the resources. See our news page for the latest updates.

E-Book Requests

If you require a book that is not available electronically, please get in touch. If the book is essential to a reading list, or for your dissertation, we may be able to get access to a digital copy.


For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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