Did you know, you can now pay fines online?

Pay outstanding library fines through LibrarySearch

pay library fines in My Account

With the automatic renewals system, the chances of you incurring a fine have been dramatically reduced. However, if someone else requests a book that you've got out on loan, and you don't return it within 7 days of receiving the return notification, you'll incur a £1 per day overdue fine.  

Don't despair, and don't delay! Paying your fines couldn't be simpler, as you can do it via My Account in LibrarySearch, as well as at the self-service kiosks, library Helpdesks and over the phone on 01902 32 1333 (or 0845 408 1631).  And remember to bring back the overdue item, as soon as you can. 


If you have any queries about your fines ask a member of staff at the Helpdesk, or email us at library@wlv.ac.uk