Library Service Improvements

As part of our constant drive to improve services the following changes will be implemented over the summer months:

Learning Centres renamed to Libraries

We’ll be renaming the Learning Centres to Libraries. Learning Centres reflected a new direction for our libraries bring digital and physical resources together. The role of libraries has changed in the same way and we’re changing our name to reflect this. You’ll also see the Learning and Information Services brand disappearing to be replaced with the University Library.

New self-service machines in all Libraries

The new machines will make it quicker to issue and return books, instead of having to do it one at a time you’ll be able to put up to ten in the machine at once.

New and improved library resource search system making it easier for you to find things

The new search system will simplify the way you search for things while still keeping advanced search options if you want to narrow down what you’re looking for. It will have a cleaner interface than our current system Summon but still giving you access to the same extensive range of resources.

Changes to borrowing and charging

From 1 August the length of time you can borrow books for will change.

All books will be issued for a week and automatically renewed once a week unless:

  • Another user has requested the book
  • You’ve had the book out for 52 weeks already
  • You’re library access is ending, for example you’re graduating or if you’re a member of staff you’re leaving the university

Once we’ve told you somebody else wants the book you’ll have a week to bring it back.

We’ll only charge you if you’ve got a book out and somebody else has requested it. This will cut the amount charged by the library from about £60,000 to £10,000 per year. You’ll be charged £1 for everyday you’ve got a book after the week to bring it back.

If you’ve still got the book three weeks after it was due back, whether that’s because somebody else wants it, you’ve had it for a year, or your library access has expired we’ll assume it’s lost and send you an invoice for £50. If you find the book- bring it in and we’ll cancel the invoice. (You’ll still need to pay the fines though.)

Students with Extended Loans

If Student Support and Wellbeing have told you that you can have extended loans then you’ll be able to borrow items for two weeks and will have two weeks to bring them back after you’ve been told somebody else wants them.

Curriculum Resources at Walsall

If you use the curriculum resources collection as part of your education degree you’ll be able to borrow these for six weeks and will have six weeks to return them after you’ve been told somebody else wants them.