Happy Birthday NHS!

The National Health Service is 70.

To celebrate we have displays at Harrison, Burton and Walsall libraries which show a timeline of key events throughout the NHS's history, 1948 - 2018, accompanied by a selection of books from our library stock relating to the history of healthcare in the UK, as well specific themes as covered in the time line such as infection control, health promotion, mental health care and advances in science & technology (e.g. DNA -  including Rosalind Franklin -  and scanning) and also more current issues (e.g. mentoring).  There are also texts which contrast the working lives of nurses and other medical professionals at the start of the NHS and earlier with what can be expected by trainee or newly qualified health professionals today.   The retrospective theme is also in keeping with NHS Health Information Week and the work NHS libraries are doing.

 NHS Harrison Burton Walsall 7/18

  The display at Harrison will be up until 6 July, with Burton and Walsall remaining until 13 July. Come take a peek and find out more about the significant of the NHS.