Kortext eTextbooks: Information for Staff

Unlimited access to core texts on your reading lists at University of Wolverhampton 

The Library has partnered with Kortext, a digital eTextbook provider, to provide students with access to digital copies of key reading list textbooks.*  

Students will be able to: 

  • Have personal, digital, access to essential textbooks 
  • Read anytime, anywhere 
  • Read the textbook offline by downloading the free Kortext app 
  • Use the Kortext apps to store lecture notes, journals, or any PDF 
  • Go directly to specific pages or chapters 
  • Bookmark pages of interest 
  • Select important passages of the textbook and make notes and highlights in colours you like 

* Not all core textbooks are accessible through Kortext. Where we can’t provide an eTextbook the Library will try to provide suitable alternative provision.  

Why do we need eTextbooks? 

Over 50% of the books currently marked as ‘essential’ on reading lists are not available to purchase as academic eBooks, and those we can provide often have restrictive licenses meaning only a small number of students can access them at any one time. During some months, we have seen over 1000 ‘turnaways’ from our eBooks – this is the number of times that students have tried to access the book but been unable to do so as all licenses are in use. The eTextbook model serves to mitigate these challenges providing greater coverage and no restrictive licensing, helping to enable the university to provide fair and equitable access to all essential reading. 

How to obtain eTextbooks for a module 

eTextbooks will automatically be sourced for any texts tagged ‘essential’ on your Leganto reading list. Kortext can provide around 97% of the books marked as essential on reading lists across the institution. But, if an essential title on your reading list falls into the 3% that cannot be provided, you can either: 

  • Contact Leganto@wlv.ac.uk to change the book to one that can be provided by Kortext 
  • Leave the book the same and it will continue to be provided as a library model ebook and/or be provided in print at a ratio of approximately 1 copy per 10 students 
  • If you add a new essential book to your reading list that cannot be provided the Library team will contact you  

How to access eTextbooks and “desk copies? 

All module readers should receive an email from Kortext inviting you to access “desk copies” of the essential textbooks on your modules.  

These titles will then be available within your Kortext Library. You will be able to see analytics detailing the use of these titles.  

Academic staff can access other eTextbook titles via: 

  • module reading lists where Kortext eTextbooks have been added  
  • LibrarySearch 
  • the Kortext App (download for MAC, iOS, Android, Windows 10) 

And once you’ve added books to your library you can go direct to www.kortext.com 

Troubleshooting and further help 

If you’re a module leader and you can’t access titles or analytics in a way you expect then you should raise a ticket with the Kortext support team. Tickets can be raised either by emailing support@kortext.com or by clicking any of the help icons in the platform. Kortext will need your user details, the module code and/or the books queried. Kortext may share information back with the library team to help resolve your query. 

If you have further questions or need help using eTextbooks you can contact the Library team at Leganto@wlv.ac.uk