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Students from Qatar will receive a warm welcome from staff and students at the University of Wolverhampton.

You can find grades and English language requirements below – if you meet the conditions, you can apply to make the move to our University.

As well as stimulating subjects, you’ll find lots to see and do in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas. If you’re a practising Muslim, there is a selection of Halal butchers and restaurants, plus you’ll find suitableplaces of worship in the city and on University grounds.

In your downtime, experience the region’s multi-cultural offering which includes great theatre, museums and art galleries, film and music venues, and more – not to mention great transport links around the UK.

Entry requirements for students from Qatar

Shahadat Al-Thanawaya Al-Aama

Students with an overall score of 60% and a minimum of Pass in degree relevant subjects would be eligible for the International Foundation Year.

IELTS 5.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in all components is also required.

Associate Degree

An associate Degree from the Community College of Qatar with at least 60 credits and an average GPA of at least 2.2/4.00 will be considered for entrance to the second year of a Bachelor degree.

Bachelor degrees from NARIC or government recognised institutions can normally be accepted for Master’s studies.

A GPA of 2.7-3.3/4.0 (3.5/5.0) is considered comparable to a UK 2:1.

A GPA of 2.2-2.6 is considered comparable to a UK 2:2.

A GPA of below 2.2 is considered comparable to a UK 3 and would require the completion of a pre-Master’s degree.

English language requirements vary by course and department but are usually the equivalent of IELTS 6.0 with 5.5 in every component.

Educational Advisors in Qatar