Period Dignity

What is Period Dignity @uow?

This is a collaborative initiative between a local charity Periods Matter, the Period Dignity Action Group, The Women's Staff Network, and The University of Wolverhampton. We aim to support students and staff at the University who experience period poverty, by proving access to free sanitary products.

Where can I find free sanitary products?

Products are available at all three campuses. A small number of supplies will be available in the toilets in the learning Centres (opposite the Learning Centre at Telford Campus). If you have a more substantial need, you can collect a package for Flo from the ground floor of each Learning Centre and the Academic Coaches’ Offices. The packages contain a month’s supply of sanitary products, will be discretely wrapped in a paper bag, and located in a box marked up as ‘Flo’.

Who is this for?

Packages for Flo are available to any member of the University community.

How can I help?

You can help us in several ways:

  • Spread the word. Tell people that there is support available.
  • Donate your time: Help us pack packages for Flo (more details about packing parties will follow soon)
  • Donate products: There will be pink donation bins around the University (in the Libraries, Academic Coaches' offices, and the University reception areas. Donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps.

Periods Matter

We are working collaboratively with Periods Matter. All donations will be split between Periods Matter which works towards eliminating Period Poverty in the wider Wolverhampton area, and for recirculation around the University. In return for the donations, Periods Matter will run workshops at the University.

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