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Chaplaincy Christmas Appeal

Support our university community through the Global Community Fund

The Chaplaincy believes in fostering unity through shared experiences, celebrations, and heartfelt conversations. We’re raising funds for a new Global Community Fund to help us continue and expand the vital work we support to connect our community.

It all began with a simple Christmas day lunch in December 2022, funded by generous donations from our staff. What started as a single event blossomed into something remarkable. Students took charge in the kitchen, preparing meals and creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and joy. The impact was immense, sparking a chain reaction of positivity.

Photo taken at a Global Lunch event, showing a line of people being served from a food stand

From this initial success emerged a wonderful new tradition: the Global Lunch. Every Wednesday, students are given a modest budget and prepare a free vegetarian meal and warm welcome to others. This isn't just about food; it's about celebrating our diverse global family. The Global Lunch has evolved into a hub of inclusivity, offering not just free meals but also companionship to those feeling isolated, and guidance to those navigating tough times.

What began as a solution to the challenges of affordability and loneliness has flourished into something much larger. Our Global Lunch has been the catalyst for students to come together and celebrate cultural experiences such as Irish dancing and storytelling workshops and religious celebrations like Diwali and Dussehra. It's a catalyst for unity, bridging gaps and fostering understanding among us.

Please support this unique cause with a donation today

By supporting this fund, you'll enable more students to create more projects that bring our community closer – through shared meals, diverse religious ceremonies, and cultural activities. Your contribution will help provide warmth to those feeling left out, offering not just sustenance but also the chance to build lasting friendships.

Photo taken at a Global Lunch event, showing a kitchen operated by three people with an array of pots and pans

In light of recent global events, the Chaplaincy is introducing a Peace Prize – an opportunity for students to propose initiatives that unite individuals from various backgrounds. The Global Community Fund will be the backbone of this initiative, nurturing ideas that promote unity and understanding.

Your support matters. Join us in building a more connected, compassionate community.

Please donate to the Global Community Fund today.