3 Minutes to Save a Life: A World Suicide Prevention Day lecture

3 Minutes to Save a Life

Tuesday 26th September 2017 12:30-4pm Room: MU307

September marks the month that we embrace World Suicide Prevention Day. The University of Wolverhampton is honoured to welcome Professor Julie Cerel, Dr Alys Cole-King and Steve Gilbert to share their insights and expertise around suicide prevention. This event also invites an opportunity for the University to share their suicide prevention journey which has gained national acclaim for its innovation and impact.

800,000 people die by suicide annually, representing 1 person every 40 seconds

For every 1 suicide 25 people make a suicide attempt

60 people are affected by each suicide death

This equates to 48 million people bereaved by suicide worldwide every year

Since the 2014 WHO Global Report Preventing Suicide, progress in suicide prevention is ongoing, particularly in countries where no suicide initiatives were active, such as Guyana, Suriname and Bhutan.

Many countries have initiated their 2nd national suicide prevention programme, including: Scotland, England, Ireland and the United States



12.45-13.15: Registration, refreshments and photograph

13.15 -13.30 Welcome by Dean of FEHW Dr Alex Hopkins

13.30 -13:50 Speaker Dr Alys Cole King

Suicide Mitigation: combining compassion and governance


13:50 -14:20 Key Note speaker Prof Julie Cerel

Title The ripple effect of suicide – examining the continuum of survivorship’

14:20 -14:40 Refreshments and networking

14.40-15.00 Clare Dickens and Stuart Guy Uni WLV journey, philosophical underpinnings of the approach, outcome and impact in Uni WLV

15.00-15.15 Delivering Connecting with People training as an Expert by Experience Steve Gilbert

15.15 -16:00 Experiential session: experience part of the training. Suicide Awareness CWP module 1 an Clare Dickens, Stuart Guy and Steve Gilbert 



To book your free place, please email Clare Dickens: Clare.Dickens@wlv.ac.uk (please notes spaces are limited.)

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