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Are you graduating in 2025? Applications are open for the Santander Universities Scholars Programme


Did you know that in some universities, more than a fifth of young students from the most disadvantaged social backgrounds dropped out in their first year?

And even amongst those students from disadvantaged backgrounds that do manage to complete their degree, they still, on average, go on to earn less than their peers on the same courses with the same grades?

In response, Santander Universities have developed a new scholar’s programme aimed at breaking down barriers for the current students who are most likely to face challenges when attending higher education. The initiative provides funding to support them through to graduation, alongside training opportunities to develop their potential and help them build brighter futures.

The Santander Universities Scholars Programme will support 100 current full-time undergraduate students, due to graduate in 2025, who identify as part of an underrepresented group throughout the duration of their studies. They will receive consistent funding over three academic years, a series of employability training and development sessions and a dedicated mentor to guide them through the programme.

At Santander we believe that education is a right that’s equitable and should be accessible to everyone. This flagship, multi-million-pound scholars programme, was developed in collaboration with our partner universities, and is aimed at providing more structured and holistic higher education support that is ongoing, combats a range of challenges and is not just a stamp in time.

Learn more about the programme and whether you are eligible.

Brighter Futures. It Starts Here.

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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