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New online Master's in Offsite Housing Construction


The University of Wolverhampton has launched a new online, postgraduate Distance Learning programme - MSc Offsite Housing Construction - starting in January 2020.

Recently, the UK government observed that the traditional approach to housing construction would not be able to meet the target of 340,000 homes required per year and the House of Commons Report on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) recommends the use of MMC to fill the gap.

This course is specifically designed to address national, European and international market needs for delivering houses faster without compromising quality using innovative and modern methods of construction. Courses will now be offered by Distance via our state-of-the-art online learning facilities.

Aim of the Course:

A Master's degree in off-site Housing Construction would enable you to better manage off-site construction projects through a broader understanding of issues relating to process efficiency and productivity improvement.

What you would learn:

You would learn about offsite housing construction related issues such as;

  • Application of BIM in off-site construction
  • Construction processes in off-site construction
  • Design considerations for offsite construction
  • Management issues in offsite construction
  • Production technology in offsite construction
  • Discrete Event Simulation Modelling
  • Automation and 3D printing 

Professor Mohammed Arif, Head of the School of Architecture and Built Environment, said: “This is a new chapter in the evolution of the School of Architecture and Built Environment.

“The School of Architecture and Built Environment is well-established and is already offering an online Distance Learning course in Construction Project Management. Using our-state-of-the-art online learning facilities, students will be able to engage with the course material, the course teaching team and their peers through our dedicated Virtual Learning Environment. Lectures will be broadcast and made available to catch up ‘on demand' for those who may not be able to attend. The courses are aimed for those who cannot commit to attend the University full time and so will suit those currently employed within the industry or those who are based overseas.

“We have been very successful in promoting construction education in the region. However, in order to increase our global footprint and impact, it is important that we look at blended learning provisions. This is one of several initiatives underway within the School to further promote construction education regionally, nationally and globally.”

For furher information, please contact Dr Emmanuel Daniel or Dr Muhammed Rana




For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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