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Hubei Students Completing their Studies in Wolverhampton

Hubei Students Completing their Studies in Wolverhampton

A group of seven students from our Chinese partner ‘Hubei Engineering University’ joined the University of Wolverhampton in September, to complete their studies in BA (Hons) Business and Finance.

The group, who studied their first two years of the course in China, including modules delivered by our own flying faculty, are now in their penultimate semester of study and settling well into student life here in the UK. Although they are not the first students to embark upon their final year of study in Wolverhampton, they are the largest from Hubei to date.

Janet Cash, from the HR & Leadership Department in the Business School, was one of the lecturers who delivered their level four module; Introduction to People at Work in China, 2017.

She said of their reunion: "It has been delightful to see the students again and I am both pleased and proud of the progress they have all made with their English speaking and writing skills."

“The students were all required to pass the IELTS test, prior to acceptance onto their final year of study here, so it is a great achievement for them, considering their first input in English Language was a few short years ago.”

Ding Run, a student from China describes the halls of residence they now call home as "very comfortable and safe" and the climate as being much like Xiaogan, where they studied before coming to the UK this year.

The students continue to be supported by the University of Wolverhampton Business School, as they begin their first assessments of the academic year and are looking forward to seeing what the city has to offer beyond the University in the coming months.

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