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This Mental Health Awareness Week why not try out a course and tell us what you think?

Togetherall free mental health support

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Just not feeling like yourself? Togetherall is a safe, anonymous, online peer community to support your mental health.

This Mental Health Awareness Week (15 to 21 May 2023) why not take some time for self-care and join the Togetherall community where you can complete a self-assessment, enrol on self-help courses, and access peer support. 

What are courses?

Togetherall’s online programmes are evidence-based courses. These courses are designed to help people manage mental health difficulties and improve their health and wellbeing at a pace that suits them.

Members can join a course at any time and can take as many as they like (although it’s recommended to do one
at a time). Within each course, there are a variety of tools available which help members get the most out of each course.

What courses are available? 

Courses are available covering a wide range of topics including: 

Improve Your Sleep

This course is suitable for those who would like to improve their sleep quality or for those who have insomnia and get very little sleep at all. Members are shown a variety of lifestyle tips and sleep hygiene habits, that promote deeper and more
restorative sleep. Members are encouraged to self-monitor and put sleep hygiene techniques and strategies into practice by using the Sleep Hygiene Diary. 

Managing Depression

This course shows ways to manage negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that feed depression. It includes activity scheduling, thought challenging, lifestyle tips and other skills that are evidenced-based to help members manage their mood. A Behavioural Activation Diary is available so that members can manage their mood through increased activity. 

Managing Stress & Worry

Split into two sections, this course supports members to utilise a range of evidence-based techniques and strategies to manage high stress levels and chronic worrying. This includes mindfulness and relaxation techniques, time management skills, sleep hygiene, problem-solving and the Worry Time technique. 

Balance Your Thinking

When people are feeling anxious or down, or if they have low self-worth, it’s easy to get into the habit of negative thinking. Negative thoughts are draining and hold people back, stopping them from making the most out of their lives. In this course, participants will learn ways to manage negative thoughts and stop them from taking over, to stand back from relative thoughts and re-frame them, and how to use cognitive restructuring to become more curious about their negative
thoughts and achieve a more balanced view. 

Visit to register and see our full list of Courses. To join, just register using your University email address. 

Share your Togetherall story 

Have you used the Togetherall resources, courses, or community spaces? What did you think? What did you try? What worked well for you? 

We are looking for Togetherall members to share their experience of using the platform and tell us about their wellbeing journey.  Your story can be anonymous and can cover any topic or aspect of the Togetherall support, you don't have to have been a member for long. To share your feedback and your story please contact

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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