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Researchers achieve global reach at Net Zero conference


Researchers achieve global reach at the international dual transition of Net Zero Carbon and Digital Transformation conference. 


Researchers from the University hosted a special plenary session on ‘transition to Net Zero’ at the groundbreaking international conference, “Dual Transition of Net Zero Carbon and Digital Transformation”, held on February 16 and 17 2024 at the prestigious Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Bengaluru City University, India. This activity is part of the successful Research Memorandum of Understanding with Bengaluru City University.

Each day over 1200 delegates attended the conference which included policymakers, industry leaders, and higher education institutions. The conference was jointly supported by the British Council, U.K. and Karnataka State Higher Education Council, Government of Karnataka, India. Dr M. C. Sudhakar, Honourable Minister for Higher Education, Government of Karnataka, inaugurated the conference.


Dr Suresh Renukappa from the University of Wolverhampton delivered an inspiring and thought-provoking inaugural speech at the conference. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to share knowledge of international experts, industry leaders, ministers, and policymakers on a globally relevant topic of Net Zero and digital transition. Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering successfully reported their research findings at the Conference on ‘transition to net zero’.

Dr Suresh Renukappa, from the University of Wolverhampton, noted that: “The urgency of addressing climate change demands our unwavering commitment, and this conference served as a platform for industry, academia, and government to come together, share insights, and chart a course for a sustainable future. Our commitment to achieving net zero emissions is not merely a goal; it is a testament to our dedication to fostering a healthier planet for generations to come. This conference provided a unique opportunity for collaboration, learning, and the exchange of ideas that will shape our institution’s research on sustainable practices. I want to express my gratitude to all our collaborators, team members, and researchers who played crucial roles in making these research presentations a success”.

Net-Zero4These research works were led by Dr Suresh Renukappa and team members Dr Subashini Suresh, Professor Michel Fullen, Chandrashekar Subbarao, and Luke Seabright. These research works were collaborated with Coals Rail, U.K., Lincoln International Business School, U.K., and The Energy and Resources Institute, India.  


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