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Join a mental health and wellbeing workshop, on Wellbeing Wednesdays

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Join a weekly wellbeing workshop, run by University mental health professionals, and learn techniques to handle common mental health struggles. 

Our online workshops are open to all students with the aim of sharing theory and pragmatic techniques to manage common mental health difficulties. They are run by mental health professionals from the University's Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.

The following workshops will take place each Wednesday on: 

  • 27 March 1pm, Anxiety- bitesize: An introduction to anxiety management techniques and theory.
  • 10 April 1pm, Anxiety - body and mind: A discussion on how anxiety impacts on our bodies and vice versa. We will share some theory and practical techniques of how-to sooth anxiety through our body.
  • 17 April 1pm, Anxiety - Automatic Negative Thoughts: A discussion how anxiety impacts on our thoughts and how our thoughts impact on anxiety. Where have these thoughts come from and how can we manage them?
  • 24 April 1pm, Managing low mood: We all experience low mood but why? This workshop will introduce theory and practical techniques to manage low mood
  • 1 May 1pm, Procrastination: We will look at the cycle of procrastination and how to disrupt it. (Don’t put off joining us!)

To join in you can complete this registration form, you will then be sent a joining link.  Alternatively, you can click this link to join on Teams on the day. 

If there are workshops you would like to see taking place, or if you would like workshops to run on an alternative time and date, please let us know by emailing

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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