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Students Union Sabbatical Officer Elections: VOTE NOW

Students Union Sabbatical Officer Elections: VOTE NOW

You can still vote in the SU’s Sabbatical Officer Elections 2020

The Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer Elections are taking place NOW and the time has come to make your vote to decide who you want to be the next leaders of the Students’ Union.

Our candidates are campaigning for the four full-time Sabbatical Officer positions (listed below) and the part-time role of Union Chair.

Full time roles

  • President - Ensures that students are represented through an accessible democratic structure and actively engages students to engage with the Union.
  • Vice-President Academic - Ensures that students are able to achieve academically by removing the barriers to a high quality educational experience.
  • Vice-President Community - Ensures that students feel a part of their community by representing them around travel, housing and local issues.
  • Vice-President Diversity - Ensures all our diverse student groups are represented equally and fairly whilst feel supported during their time at University.

Part time role

  • Union Chair - Union Chair is the chair of Union Council, the body that holds elected officers to account. Union Chair also hears democratic complaints, and has a role in ensuring the Union's Code of Conduct is upheld. They scrutinise the work of the Sabbatical Officers, and help students engage effectively with democracy.

Campaigning and voting is solely taking place online, and we are urging all students to keep up-to-date with all SU Election happenings by following the #wolvesvote hashtag across social media channels. Here you will be able to see candidate messages and find out more about them!

Still not sure who to vote for? You can check out all the candidate manifestos

Vote by visiting the Students’ Union website.


For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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