Sabbatical Officer Elections 2019 - Candidate debates!

Meet the candidates running in the Sabbatical Officer Elections 2019 at Candidate Question Time starting from Monday 18 March from 5:30pm. This is your chance to hear from them; what their ideas are, how they will represent you and what their priorities are. The Q&As will take place in the Social Space, Students' Union at City Campus.

Got a burning question for one of our candidates? Something you’d like to see changed? You’ll get the chance to put our candidates through their paces as they battle it out for your vote.




Monday 18 March

Community Officer

5:30pm – 7pm

Tuesday 19 March

Diversity Officer

5:30pm – 7pm

Wednesday 20 March

Academic Officer

5:30pm – 7pm

Thursday 21 March

Union Affairs

5:30pm – 7pm

After questions and answers, there will be a social mixer where candidates will have down time and students will be given the opportunity to mix with your potential officers for the academic year of 2019/20.

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