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Student launches sustainable events and marketing consultancy

Kaycee Campbell Events and Marketing student

Final year Events and Marketing student, Jackeshia Campbell, also known as Kaycee, recently launched her own sustainable events company and marketing consultancy.

The exciting new venture: Light Consultancy, aims to promote sustainability and responsible consumption in the events industry whilst providing effective marketing solutions to businesses owners and organisations.

Kaycee’s background is one of perseverance, drive and determination. As a single mother and full-time student, she has faced significant challenges, yet despite these obstacles, she was inspired by her personal journey and experiences to launch her own business.

The idea for the sustainable events company came from a module called ‘Sustainability in Events and Venues’, Kaycee developed a passion for sustainable practises and delivering sustainable events, whilst protecting the planet and educating the industry at the same time. Kaycee’s creative journey and past practical experiences combined with her knowledge in sustainability, led her to launch this new venture.

The sustainable events company and marketing consultancy will offer a range of services, including event conceptualisation and planning, coordination, and management, as well as marketing strategy, branding, and social media management. The company's goal is to promote sustainability in the events industry while delivering high-quality services to clients, as well as providing a positive social impact through fundraising for various children and family charities in the community.

Kaycee is excited about the opportunity to help businesses and organizations embrace sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the environment. She is confident that her company will become a leading player in the events industry and a role model for others looking to promote sustainability a part of their business practices.

Kaycee said: "I feel this is a new chapter, my academic journey has been filled with various challenges which I have overcome and now I am excited and looking forward to launching this business and making a difference in the events industry,"

"I'm grateful for the support that I’ve received inside and outside of the classroom, the encouragement I've received from lectures and peers, my friends and associates who motivate me and always check that I’m on track. I'm excited to work with clients who share my passion for sustainability and create meaningful events that have a positive impact on the environment and future generations.’’

Abigail Pearce, Lecturer in Hospitality, said: “Kaycee is a brilliant student, always striving for success and I have no doubt that she will have a positive impact on the events industry with her new business venture. We are very proud of what Kaycee has achieved and the hurdles she has overcome. I look forward to hearing more stories of her success in future.”

The university is proud to support Kaycee’s entrepreneurial spirit and wishes her every success with her new venture.           

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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