City of Wolverhampton Council Millennial Survey

City of Wolverhampton Council would appreciate your help in completing this short survey about your perceptions of Wolverhampton.

The survey has been developed as part of a project called Gen-Y City which aims to understand the needs of young people (born after 1980, up to 2000) known as ‘millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’

The findings will help the Council’s efforts to attract and retain the skills of young people, particularly in the creative and technical sectors, which will in turn help to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the city. The Council will share its findings with its European partners in the project.

You can take part in the survey by following this link.

All data gathered during this survey is confidential but we ask that you do not take the survey if you were born before 1980 or after 2000.

We appreciate your time and effort to provide your valuable feedback!

To find out more about the Gen-Y City project visit

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