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Student Update: Student Campus Project

Student Update: Student Campus Project

The University of Wolverhampton is committed to ensuring that we provide excellent support services for our students. Nevertheless, students have told us that navigating our support services is complex, with no systematic approach to hours of service, and numerous contact points for central services and faculty-based services across many locations.  So we are embarking on a major review through the Student Campus Project which will ask students what services you need, and how and where you want them to be delivered.

Phase 1 of the project, which includes an audit of current activities and support services, is now on-going. Phase 2 will focus on consulting our students to establish your needs, through interviews, focus groups and surveys. We will be working in collaboration with the Students’ Union to achieve this.

You will soon be invited to take part in a survey, which you will receive by email. This survey will seek to find out how and where you currently access our support services, and will inform our future plans. The University has a commitment to putting students first and providing an excellent learning experience and the Student Campus Project forms part of this mission.

Julia Clarke

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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