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Notification of service change: New printers to be installed across campus

Notification of service change: New printers to be installed across campus

Over the next few weeks, the University's printers are being upgraded across all campuses. There is a new payment portal to top-up your credit and new print queues. 

A new fleet of MFD printers, which print, scan and copy is being deployed throughout the University estate. Deployment work is taking place between Wednesday 20 December and Friday 12 January. 

Topping up printer credit 

There is a new payment portal to top-up your print credit, which can be accessed as follows:

Schedule for printer deployment  

The timetable for deploying the new printers is shown below.

This shows the date that the new devices will be installed on each Campus and in each Building.  During the printer installation period you will still be able to print, but whether you have to use an old or a new printer will depend on the date you want to print and your location, in terms of campus and building. The print queues for both the old and new printers will be available to you during the deployment period.

Selecting a print queue

There are two new print queues for students:

Follow-You-Student on PCPS -

Follow-You-Student on PCPS -

From Wednesday 20 December, your account will default to one of the new queues: Follow-You-Student on PCPCS - - but either of the new queues can be used.

If you need to print and you are on a campus or in a building where the new printers have not yet been deployed you will need to select the old print queue: Follow-You-Students on EQTR-CEN-ONEQ1

The good news is that from 8 am on Monday 18 December all scanning will be permanently free of charge for students.


Timetable for new printer deployment – 18 December 2023 to 12 January 2024

Please note, dates may be subject to change. 

Week commencing Monday 18 December 2023



Building Name

Monday 18 December


MC – Millenium City Building

MB  - Rosalind Franklin Building


Tuesday 19 December


MD – Harrison Library

Wednesday 20 December


MD – the rest of MD

MG – The George

MKb – Digital Print Services

Thursday 21 December


MX – Housman Building

MP  -The Chaplaincy

Lomas Street Accommodation Hub

Friday 22 December


MA – Wulfruna Building


Week commencing Tuesday 2 January 2024



Building Name

Tuesday 2 January


Arena Theatre

MI – Alan Turing Building

Wednesday 3 January


MH – Mary Seacole Building

MU – Lord Swraj Paul Building

Thursday 4 January


MM – Apprenticeship Hub

ML Building

MN – Arthur Storer Building

Friday 5 January


MK – George Wallis Building


Week commencing Monday 8 January 2024



Building Name

Monday 8 January




WH – Performance Hub

Tuesday 9 January



WD – The William Penny Brookes Building

WN – The Samuel Johnson Building

WP – The Sister Dora Building

Wednesday 10 January


WE Building

WA - The Jerome K Jerome Building

WI – Maintenance

WJ – Sports Centre

WP – Sister Dora Building

WS – Students’ Union

Thursday 11 January


SA – The Angad Paul Building

SB – The Darby Building

SC – The SC Building

SE – The e-Innovation Centre

Friday 12 January

University of Wolverhampton Science Park


ECMS Tipton

Cyber Centre Hereford

PA – The Technology Centre

PB - The Development Centre

PC – The Creative Industries Centre


ECMS Tipton

Cyber Centre Hereford



For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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