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Female Only Exercise Classes


Students hoping to get active this year are invited to check out the new female only exercise classes at City Campus. 

The WLV Sport classes take place in the Chaplaincy Building (next to MX & Randall Lines buildings) every Friday morning from 10am-11am. The classes are free of charge for University of Wolverhampton students and are led by one of the team's vibrant and brilliant female instructors.

If you would like to take part but are put off exercising by the thought of people being able to see you exercise, don't worry - the Chaplaincy is closed to all male visitors during this time and the curtains shut so that only the other females taking part and the instructor are able to see. There is also the opportunity to socialise after the class in the Chaplaincy lounge area.

Start your New Year's resolution to improve your physical wellbeing now! The classes will also give you that vital break from your assignments and university stresses to refresh your mind.

For further information, please contact our sports participation officer at 

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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