‘Worldly but Otherwise: Towards an Aesthetic Education' Professor Malcolm Ross Inaugural Lecture

You are invited to join us for an Inaugural Lecture with Visiting Professor of Aesthetic Education at the Faculty of Arts, Professor Malcolm Ross.

In this lecture, Professsor Ross will argue that the aesthetic, the desire for beauty, is common to every ‘procedure of truth': science, politics, art and love (Badiou). It marks the limits of human longing and proceeds under the direction of the reflexive intelligence of feeling. The arts are a special case of the aesthetic with a particular application to subject-knowing. Aesthetic education tends and cultivates the impulse to beauty across all subjects of the curriculum. Its neglect is crippling. Like happiness, looking after the beautiful is everyone's responsibility.

To book your place, please RSVP to Sarah Webb, email: arts@wlv.ac.uk by 26 January 2018

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