International Fair 2018

The popular, annual International Fair will be taking place on Wednesday 25 April from 11am – 3pm in the Millennium City Courtyard, City Campus. The aim of the event is to give students and staff the opportunity to share their cultures through food, dance and traditions, with activities demonstrating many of the different nationalities that make up the University of Wolverhampton.

If you'd like to book a stand, the University will contribute £50 to cover the stand costs and students are able to bring in traditional objects, food, clothing, etc... that will showcase their country. If students could email their name, student ID number and country they will be representing to or that would be great. 

Last year the Fair saw over 25 countries being represented. Activities included international stalls, live music, and performances from Bollywood, Bhangra, Flamenco, Chinese, Afro Caribbean and Morris dancers. 


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