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Diversity in Literature event for LGBTQ+ History Month


In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, the University is hosting a Diversity in Literature event which is also related to disability and/or people with disabilities.

This is an intersectional event, focusing on the importance of diversity, including disability and LGBTQ+ representation, in literature.

The event takes place on Thursday 29 February from 1.30pm - 2.30pm.

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This event promises to be an inspired, informed and insightful conversation with authors Lyn Hemphill and Susie Williamson – highlighting marginalised voices alongside the need for greater diversity in literature.

During this discussion, Lyn and Susie will talk about their lived experiences, their sources of inspiration and the issues they explore through their writing. There will be advice for aspiring writers including how to publish your work, the difference between traditional and self-publishing and what support is available for writers from diverse backgrounds.


Lyn Hemphill

Lyn Hemphill is a Kenyan-British author with 3 self-published books of varying genres and three sapphic romances published by Bold Strokes Books. She takes 'write what you know' very seriously by giving most of her characters trauma and mental health struggles and then completely ignores it by writing about witches, gods and mermaids.

Susie Williamson

Susie is the double award-winning author of the fantasy series, Blood Gift Chronicles, which begins with Return of the Mantra, and The Warder. Themes in the stories include wildlife and the environment, social justice and marginalisation, magic, animism, and dragons. She loves inventive worlds, diverse characters, and thought-provoking, contemporary themes. She is also an artist and poet and is a regular performer on the local spoken word poetry scene in both her hometown of Exeter, and wider Devon.

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