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Bold new breast cancer podcast: "One Lump or Two"


 “One Lump or Two?” - a brand new podcast that’s not afraid to laugh (and cry) in the face of breast cancer. Featuring two women and three boobs, ‘baldly’ tackling life's darkest moments.

Kate Hargreaves and Shelley Syme were total strangers but practically neighbours when they were both diagnosed with breast cancer six months apart. After a chance encounter on Facebook, the pair soon forged a lasting friendship and now the unlikely duo have launched a brand-new podcast about what it’s really like getting a cancer diagnosis as a young adult - something that is rarely covered in the media.


Series one offers 10 episodes (each 30 to 60 minutes long) covering a whole host of topics including, navigating surgery, chemotherapy, dating, hair loss, and conversations with special guests (spoiler alert, it’s just their parents). Join them as they share EVERYTHING (sometimes too much) on their journey through cancer.


Motivated by a shared mission, Shelley and Kate embark on this podcasting journey not only to raise awareness about cancer in young people but also to be a relatable and comforting presence to those grappling with their own diagnoses or supporting loved ones through the journey. Through genuine conversations and candid reflections, Shelley and Kate aim to offer solace, laughter, camaraderie and that feeling of “wow I thought it was only me!” to listeners who may feel isolated in their struggles.


So tune in as these two remarkable women dare to bare all, from the depths of despair to the beautiful moments of growth and hilarity. This isn't just a podcast; it's a beacon of empathy, a source of inspiration, and a realisation of the age-old adage, that misery really does love company.

You can listen to One Lump or Two? on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Podcasts.

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