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The Self-kindness Toolkit: Part 4: Relationships

British Red Cross The Self Kindness Toolkit

The self-kindness Toolkit: Expert tips to tackle challenging times 

The British Red Cross has provided a toolkit full of useful, practical tips that you can use to help build your resilience and confidence and to take control when faced with challenging situations. 

6 Rs of resilience 

The 6 Rs of resilience can prepare you and your family so that you are better able to bounce back when faced with a difficult situation.

  1. Responsibility: Taking responsibility for your own mental health, wellbeing and resilience.
  2. Reflection: Reflecting on how you are, what is happening and how you are feeling about things.
  3. Relaxation: Relaxing in a way that suits you, such as gardening, reading a book and mindfulness practice. 
  4. Relationships: Noticing the things we can take responsibility for can help to build confidence in ourselves and help us to feel more in control.
  5. Refuelling: Eating a healthy diet, and being conscious of alcohol intake. 
  6. Recreation: Taking regular exercise, and having fun. 

Over a series of articles, you will find tips on each of the 6 Rs. This article focuses on Relationships

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Connecting with others 

We know many people who can help us, or who we can help when they are struggling. It can help for us to remind ourselves who they are.  Write down the names of the people you are connected to. What do they do? How can you continue to connect with them?

Think about how these people help you. Then write down how you help them

Who else would you like to meet?

How can your connections help you?

What can you do to help build and nurture these connections? 

Other ways you can connect with your community

There are many ways you can get involved and show what you can do. You may wish to cook and share what you’ve made with your neighbours, or make something like a pillow or a wooden toy to give to someone you know or a local charity.

You can also visit your local library or community centre to find new things you can get involved with in your area. It could be a sport or
hobby group. Many community groups allow you to attend as a beginner or give you the chance to pass on your knowledge and skills to others. How will it feel to make something and then share it?

Exercise: In four boxes, write down ways you could connect to others under the following prompts:

  • write down some more opinions or groups in your local area  
  • list ways that you could support others locally 
  • list some places you could volunteer your time (e.g. in person, by phone, or by making something). 
  • write down some ideas around how you could support people that live further away. 

Download all these tips and more in The Self-kindness Toolkit.

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