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Important information about your timetables


We’re moving closer to the start of the academic year, and we understand that lots of you are waiting to see your new timetable. We are continuing to construct the timetables for next year, which will first be checked over by each department before being released.

If your course starts before Welcome Week, we will have your timetable by the week of 12th August 2019. If your course starts with the normal teaching semester (following Welcome Week), we expect your timetable to be ready for you by the week of the 9th September 2019. In future years, we expect to be able to release timetables six weeks in advance of teaching.

If you have any urgent enquiries about your timetable, please get in touch with your Faculty Student Services Office.

We want to reassure you that we are working hard to make sure that your new timetable is ready as soon as possible.
You may be aware of the Timetable Project, which has established a new University wide process for building timetables this year, following on from your feedback in recent years. We’re looking forward to sharing with you some of the new features that we’ll be introducing to your timetables, making them simpler and easier to read, sending you notifications when an event changes, and giving you the ability to book your own learning spaces.
Please keep an eye out for more details.

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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