MNurs (Hons) Adult Nursing

By successfully achieving all components of the MNurs (Hons) Adult Nursing you will be entitled to register as a Nurse. This course will enable you to develop a systematic understanding of knowledge and skills in order to meet the NMC’s requirements for initial registration as an autonomous practitioner in adult nursing.

On completion, you will have a conceptual understanding of the research process that will enable you to critically evaluate current research. This knowledge will underpin your nursing practice so that you will be able to provide safe and effective nursing care to adults and to support their families and other carers in a variety of health care settings.

This course is a combined professional and academic award that aims to develop your nursing practice in decision making ability in complex and unpredictable situations. It will provide you with the skills to deal with these complex issues both systematically and creatively.

You will be provided with the necessary professional values, communication, interpersonal and clinical skills which will enable you to lead, manage and be an effective member of the multi-disciplinary team. As part of this team you will then be able to provide high quality, compassionate care to adults, their families and carers. 

"On behalf of Burton Hospitals NHS  Foundation Trust I would like to say it has been a pleasure working with the University of Wolverhampton on this innovative new award. As has been stated the increasing and ever changing requirements in patient care provision requires Acute Trusts to explore different opportunities in ensuring that we have a current and correct workforce to enable us to deliver patient care safely and to a high quality, the Integrated Adult Nursing Masters offers this."

Paula GardnerDeputy Director of Nursing
Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust