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BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

Modern society relies on the work of chemical engineers, they help to manage resources, protect the environment and maintain stringent health and safety procedures, whilst all the while developing the processes that make the products we desire or depend on. Wolverhampton’s chemical engineering course provides for a deep understanding of chemical processes and also the products resulting from industrial chemical reactions.

On the course, you will learn how raw materials can be transformed into useful products in a safe and cost effective way. For example petrol, plastics and synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon, all come from oil. Chemical engineers understand how to alter the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance, to create a range of products as diverse as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The course covers energy resource exploitation and management, industrial practices and processes, chemical thermodynamics and reaction engineering, process design and control, health and safety, protection of the environment, and petroleum and chemical refining.  Our course is aimed squarely at producing engineers.  We will ensure you have the correct balance of underpinning science, mathematical skill and core chemical engineering to ensure that you will have second to none employment qualities and expectation.  If you think you’d like to specialise a little earlier on in your studies then please see our other courses: Chemical Engineering with Chemistry (UCAS code H810) and Chemical Engineering with Pharmaceutical Science (UCAS code H81A).

Chemical Engineering is studied at City Campus in Wolverhampton.

Watch our video below featuring staff and students from Chemical Engineering here at the University of Wolverhampton.