Share your Knowledge: Boost your Career

Working as an academic supervisor on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) carries a host of potential benefits to your career.

  • Increase the business relevance of your teaching
  • Gain an improved understanding of business requirements
  • Apply your knowledge and expertise
  • Lead rewarding collaborations with innovative businesses
  • Mentor graduates working on business based projects
  • Publish high-quality journal and conference papers which contributes to the REF.

As an expert supervisor, you will provide academic support to the Associate (graduate) recruited to work on a strategic project within a company.

Our case studies will provide you with an insight into why we are a leader in delivering knowledge transfer programmes nationally.

Current academic supervisors have found the experience enriching with high levels of support available to them throughout. Knowledge gained is relevant to teaching and has helped to shape courses.

Many of our academic supervisors have highlighted the tangible benefits to companies and Associates citing the positive impact the partnership makes on both.

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