Teacher training (PGCE) student funding

Teacher training (PGCE) students pay the same undergraduate fees as other students.

Students can apply for the same financial assistance as other undergraduate students, namely:

  • Student Loan for fees
  • Maintenance Grant
  • Student Loan for living costs

The gov.uk website has two sections which you may find useful:

Extra help

The DfE Training Agency (opens in new window) offers a generous package of teacher training bursaries for certain subjects.

Our School of Education can also help with further enquiries.

Grants for students in need

The Hockerill Educational Foundation invites applications for grants (usually £500 - £1000 p.a.) to teachers in training who have particular financial difficulties, for example:

  • those who have additional family or other costs and responsibilities,
  • those who have no family support to fall back on,
  • mature students for whom teaching is a career change,
  • those not eligible for the normal statutory loan/grant  support.

Students training to teach Religious Education are their highest priority, but they can also help students in other areas, particularly primary education students.

Find out more at:

to receive guidance notes and an application form.